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Precision Run started as a treadmill-based group fitness class at Equinox and came to life as a standalone brand with expertly crafted classes, innovative spaces, and on-the-go audio workouts.

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UX Designer
As the UX Design Director, I was in charge of designing the companion app, an essential part of the whole experience: through Research, Discovery, UX & Product Strategy, Interaction Design.

Audience & business goals

First-Time Runners:

They heard about this new training program in NYC and would like to try it.

Regular Precision Runners:

Going to the studio and launching the app on their iPhone is part of their weekly workout routine.

Business goals:

→ To provide the motivation for prospective runners to attend a first class.
→ To make it easy to get to a PR class.
→ To spark an ongoing connection and to build a community.

Prototyping wireframes while the brand identity is defined in parallel.

Facilitating studio check-in with an easy to find in-app QRcode and through the Apple Wallet.

Easy booking and studio checkin

Booking more than one spot: A critical feature both from a user and business perspective.

Booking two spots for the same session

Enabling last minute friend invites by getting directly back in the purchase flow.

Invite a guest

Working with visual designers

Reviewing design production and supporting UX/UI enhancements.

Supporting visual designers

Balancing brand identity integration with a seamless user experience. A dark mode by default to fit in the studio experience, and brand color highlights.

Implementing the brand system Visual design by Isaac Daniels & Miguel Buckenmeyer

Consolidating booking and transactional flows through confortable touch areas size, labelled fields and streamlined checkout process.

Transactional aspects Visual design by Isaac Daniels & Miguel Buckenmeyer

Refined tracking and data visualization segmented by miles and calories, dot and line treatment for graphs.

Data preview Visual design by Isaac Daniels & Miguel Buckenmeyer

Grand opening

The Precision Run Flatiron studio opened mid May 2019 in Manhattan. The app was released on time and fully functional to be a critical part of the service experience.

Grand opening

Measuring success

To provide the motivation to prospective runners to attend a first class:
• Account creations
• Class bookings
• Purchase runs
To make it easy to get to a Precision Run class:
• No drop in booking flow
• Checkin with app
• Low PR contacts
• User satisfaction
To spark an ongoing connection and to build a community:
• App downloads
• Usage frequency
• Social media sharing
• Reviews on app store
• Newsletter & social


As usual, web is preferred for discovery, and app installs fit regular usage.

→ The app is a long term foundation, its growth is tightly coupled with the regular customer base of physical studios.

→ Even with a limited audience, early users will expect the app to exist and be highly polished, thus building loyalty and driving recommendations.

Precision Run, an App by AREA 17

UX Design Director
Christophe da Silva
Brand & Visual Design
Isaac Daniels & Miguel Buckenmeyer
App Engineer
Joe Critchley
Product Director
Guillermo Brotons
Kelly Murphy