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The New York Times Company website drives a wide range of visitors: potential employees, journalists, partners and investors. With such different user motivations and content offering, the challenge was to create a scalable system that delivers a simple and consistent user experience.

The New York Times Company, homepage screenshot
Visual design by Marius Roosendaal
UX Design Director at AREA 17
Research, Discovery, UX & Content Strategy, Interaction Design.

Design principle

The tension in unifying communication and utilitarian resources was embraced as an overarching idea: to conciliate structured information with impactful imagery as a way to express the visual language of The New York Times.

Visual design preview Visual design by Marius Roosendaal

We designed a navigation system limited to the primary entry points both for findability and brand messaging, supported by a more utilitarian view with a complete sitemap. This progressive disclosure connects everything back to the design principle we defined at the beginning by keeping a balanced visual harmony.

Navigation system

A systematic approach

Behind all design systems there is a content model with patterns of representation. The first step was to map all the information pieces the user might need, then design a modular system to express it.

Slides The NYTCO UX foundation presentation deck

The previous website was built as it grew, with a set of ad-hoc and custom templates. I ended up defining a simpler system based on the homepage completed with three primary formats: sections, stories and resources, along with summarizing the set of content modules that could be used within these different pages.

Modules system
Template system

Putting everything together

From this streamlined module organization, the visual designer was able to unpack a solid design system to fully express the New York Times brand values.

Design system preview Visual design by Marius Roosendaal

The New York Times Company, Site by AREA 17

Executive Creative Director
Kemp Attwood
Pat McQueen & Seth Hamlin
Visual Design Director
Marius Roosendaal
UX Design Director
Christophe da Silva
Mubashar Iqbal & Tim Brook
Rebecca Bullok