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Princeton University Press has a 100 years old book catalog from various expertise fields, our goal was to help users in finding the right book.

Princeton University Press, homepage screenshot
Visual design by Miguel Buckenmeyer
UX Design Director at AREA 17
Research, Discovery, UX Strategy and Interaction Design.

Books as physical objects

The book can be seen as the central piece, the main object the user can interact with. From the "look inside" feature to the "buying options", everything revolves around the book cover as a main UI element. Bringing a sense of continuity and seamless transitions between the different tasks and screens.

Disciplines expertise

During our ideation phase, we discovered a strong opportunity: to surface the Princeton University Press expertise as a value proposition. Our recommendation was to provide an easily accessible index of disciplines with full fledged landing pages for each of subject.

Princeton University Press, subjects menu screenshot
Princeton University Press, art expertise page  screenshot Visual design by Miguel Buckenmeyer

Design process

After collecting users and stakeholders research knowledge, we mapped the most critical user flows through an internal design sprint. Surfacing the primary views, high-value features along with the key value propositions of the website.

The next step was to define the different views, content and user tasks to inform how the user interface should work.

Princeton University Press, flows
Princeton University Press, flows
Princeton University Press, sitemap
Princeton University Press, Wireframes
Princeton University Press, filtering books

Princeton University Press, Site by AREA 17

Executive Creative Director
Kemp Attwood
Product Director
Seth Hamlin
Visual Design Director
Miguel Buckenmeyer
UX Design Director
Christophe da Silva
Iain Lawson & Antoine Doury
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